BlackBear NIMBL

Remote Control:
The Future of Connectivity

Our Vision

BlackBear NIMBL is designed for efficient, portable, scalable, secure and consistent management of all BlackBear products and other vendors’ devices.
It can be hosted in the cloud as services or on-prem Windows or Linux servers.

Efficient and Portable

BlackBear NIMBL operates across diverse environments, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability.


BlackBear NIMBL consists of multiple components which can horizontally scale, depending on the performance requirements and number of devices to be supported.
It is capable of supporting thousands of devices in complex network topologies.


Due to BlackBear NIMBL's APIs running over TLS,
all communication is encrypted using standard protocols.
Users are protected with two factor authentication.


BlackBear NIMBL is based on a concept of consistent API layers, which provide a uniform set of methods that allow applications, web interfaces, and command line tools to utilize the same API for full remote control of all features.

Full Visualization

Unlimited, real-time access to your whole BlackBear TechHive network.

Comprehensive Insights

Get notified and keep records of relevant diagnostics data.

Automated Configuration

Easily set up and maintain large network systems.

Simplified Management

Local or distributed, total control just a click away.

A Connected Platform

Connect to your MES, ERP, and intelligence through RESTful APIs or OPC UA.

A Scalable System

Manage thousands of devices across multiple sites.

Flexible Deployment

On premises, Cloud, docker, SaaS, or hybrid to suit your needs.

High-level Security

Robust, end-to-end security while supporting legacy device management.

Your Benefits


Less Commissioning Time

Reduce device provisioning time by automating configuration activities, discovery, etc..



Reduce investment needed to ramp up and maintain complex networks as well as cybersecurity apparatus.



Day-to-day activities can be automated and monitoring can be done remotely and efficiently.

About BlackBear NIMBL

A secure management software to connect your industrial networking devices

Clear topology &
status visualization

AI-driven analysis,
diagnostics and
anomalies detection

Auto trail –
time-series configuration,
telemetry data & event logs

Large-scale configuration through Web UI, CLI & scripts

Account-based domain scope access

BlackBear NIMBL Use Cases

Secure Multi-User Network Management

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Distributed Smart Vending Machines

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Distributed Power Generation and Microgrids

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